Foreign Residents Support

status of residence

"Certificate of Eligibility"              \ 80,000JPY~

"Change of Status of Residenc"    \ 60,000JPY~

"Extensinon of Period of Stay"     \ 40,000JPY~

"Permanent Residence Permit"     \150,000JPY~

"Naturalization"                          \250,000JPY~


Others Application  \20,000JPY~

"Re-entry Permission" 

"Permission to Acquire Status of Residence"

  "Certificate of Authorized Employment"

" permission to engage in an Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted"

Consultation required

"part-time job"

"job hunting"



"family call"

" Refugee"

"provisinal release"

"traffic accidents and crimes"

From "Junichi Fujimoto" Immigration Agent /Certified Administrative Scrivener

Adress; 6-1-1-205 , Nakakasai , Edogawa-ku ,Tokyo , 〒134-0083 JAPAN

phone;03-5674-9230 e-mail;

For foreigners who wish to obtain a Japanese residence status
My name is Junichi Fujimoto. I am an administrative scrivener certified by the Japanese government, and also an agent officially registered with the Tokyo Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice. I support foreigners working and living in Japan.
For example, when you want to work in Japan, when you want to start a business, when you get married, when a baby is born, when your workplace or address changes, etc. I will make various applications and notifications to the relevant administrative agencies, including the Immigration Agency, on your behalf.
If you need me, I am available for free consultation, so please fill out the necessary information and contact me at the email address below.
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